…Greg has a presence that makes you feel at ease and in the flow. His personal energy is very adaptable and yet authentic, therefore, allowing me as his client to feel safe and inspired to go deep. During my session I felt that Greg was a vessel for Source energy to bring me the healing which was needed. I felt a complete integration occurring of mind, body, and spirit…I experienced healing on each of these levels…
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I believe in full transparency with my personal story and practice, gladly being of any resource for anyone.

Everything has its purpose and the journey to discovering my unique life purposes first began with me being honest with myself. And it was that Being open, receptive to life that brought me here, Now.

We were all given a gift to share with ourselves and the world. Everyone is entitled to being aware of the unique gift / purpose we possess to bring happiness and fulfillment for ourselves and those around us.

My sessions Co-Create with you, to provide guidance on deliberately and consciously living your life, fully aligned with Body-Mind-Soul congruency.

What or who do you want to become? Are you truly listening to yourself? Because I’ve asked these and other empowering questions, I make the ongoing conscious effort to do/say/think/be in accordance to how I want to live and continue to live. It’s a never-ending practice we all experience and only gets more and more savory as the journey of your Self-awareness unfolds (I can personally attest!). It almost gets too simple. Our session together brings immense riches in all spiritual, mental, physical planes of consciousness– how much you want is entirely your choice. Let’s talk about Soul expansion with incalculable results. That’s the work we’re doing here and it begins and ends with You.

My specific approach is to help you, help yourself. To provide further clarity for you to channel your authentic self and connect with the true expression of your Being. We amplify personal strengths and turn perceived weaknesses into opportunities of growth, bringing harmony to both inner and outer worlds. I reflect the good you know within yourself and like any new found awareness, once you know, you can’t unknow. And so you become.

Together, my clients and I do transforming work. It’s humbling to be able to provide therapeutic techniques from various cultures synthesized with my own personal powers– it’s been a beautiful unfolding with a sense of fulfillment from sharing my gift with souls discovering more of theirs. Being able to share my gifts with love and watch my clients thrive is a blessing and an honor.

It is my intention to create the space, facilitate, and empower You to live a more deliberate and conscious life. I believe you deserve anything that makes you happier and if experiencing a session could offer you any personal insight I am grateful to provide that opportunity for your highest good.

We all possess the ability to center ourselves. Take this opportunity to bring further awareness in body, mind, spirit, and beyond. Life is beautiful and it’s a blessing to be even alive. Live your ideal life Now.

Wishing love, light and abundance in your Youniverse,

…Greg is very intuitive and gifted. His welcoming loving energy will make you feel comfortable with Energy work instantly. He is genuinely special and chosen to do this work to heal bodies & souls.
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All my work and sessions are held with respected confidentiality.