…I was a little nervous at first but Gregory put that nervousness to rest (literally) as soon as I walked through his door. The entire session was so wonderful…he led the session with both a personal touch and a professional air that I felt at ease…I continue to recommend Gregory and his healing sessions to anyone and everyone I come in contact with. Please come see him and let him be a funnel to the Universe’s love and healing, and you’ll see what I’m talking about…
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Each session is comprised of 3 segments: Intentions. Bodywork. Review.

We open with positive intent that everything with the session is for your highest good. If open to receiving, together we share a reading with any prior messages coming through for your awareness.

Bodywork allows each client to comfortably lie fully-clothed on their back and get into a meditative state. Once body & mind are relaxed, we begin the healing process, working through your energy. The more you let go, the more you allow the energy to flow.

Review at the end recaps bodywork + any further messages coming through. We ground ourselves in the present moment and discuss anything that came into our/your awareness during your session. Together we solidify any abstract intentions and equip you with new perspectives that can help you progress your life forward.


As a certified Energy Healing practitioner, I am a channel or facilitator through which the Energy flows. With the universal energy present all around us, I redirect the healing energy to the areas of the client’s body, whether physical, mental or spiritual, that need it most.

The energy also helps to clear and strengthen the channel between head and heart, enabling individuals to develop a stronger connection with their inner guidance and sense of intuition. It brings imbalance into balance, disharmony into harmony, and dis-ease into wholeness and freedom.

A person can facilitate healing for another by bringing in certain energies and surrounding them with these energies, or directing them into the body, but only the person them self can accept the energies, and decide to release the old patterns of behavior that have brought on the dis-ease in the first place. There are no “healers”, only healing facilitators– All healing is ultimately self-healing.


Everyone has different reactions, though the general emotions felt after the session is a sense of harmony and relaxation, some even report relief from physical pain or other symptoms of illness. The healing will progress continues, with time, focus, patience and compassion.

In order for the treatments to fully take effect, be as open and trusting in the idea that everything in the session, is meant for you, to be the best you are meant to be and provide what you need.

…I had no idea what to expect, or even what I was hoping for. However, the idea of finding balance and realignment in my life was most appealing. Upon meeting Gregory I was totally at ease. He had an incredibly kind, and warm nature about him. I left my session feeling very relaxed and peaceful…I thought how strange and exciting that it all went together and I seemed to be being guided…
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Shamballa treatments are safe, but it is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment, rather it can be used in conjunction with medicines (It is illegal for any person who is not a registered medical practitioner to prescribe a medicine). I do not guarantee results. I act only as a medium (bridge) between the universal energy and the patient’s bio-energy. It is not, for now, possible to predict the rate of recovery because no two persons respond to reiki/energy healing in the same way.